For New Students: Explain procedures from the beginning step by step (AY 2020 Special Edition)


Congratulations on your admission to the University of Tokyo!
On this page, we give some useful information particularly for students of class of 2024 to use many information technology services of the university online.
To do so, information on this page is listed in the order which you should do.

You can refer both this PDF file "Startup Procedures on the UTokyo Student Information Services(for new students)" and this page as your necessary.

If you feel the explanation on this page difficult to understand, please also reading this page: Preparing to take online classes for new students and current students.

If you have any trouble, you should also refer to the followings:

  • "Most Frequently Asked Questions" (ECCS Tutor’s website): This site is edited by the students of this university called "ECCS tutors." In this FAQ, there are lots of frequently asked questions to tutors.
  • "ECCS FAQ" (Information Technology Center (ITC) The University of Tokyo): The official FAQs
  • "はいぱーワークブック(HWB)": A self-learning material about PCs or information technological system under the condition of the university.

※ This page was constructed by referring to "Information for newcomers". Although this can be not sufficient, we keep trying to update to fit in the new information.


The continuous procedures explained in this page need 2 days at least. Please do them with time to spare.
Moreover, some procedures are banned to be done from the outside of Japan. We recommend to do them from inside Japan.

Day 1


Prepare a PC or smartphone connected to the Internet.

UTokyo Account

  • At first, set the new password on UTokyo Account
    • Via the website designated, get the "Notification regarding password for the UTokyo Account". The temporary password is shown on it.
    • Using the temporary password, Log in to UTokyo Account User Menu, and change your password. Once you changed this, your account is activated.


  • ITC-LMS is the system where students get the educational materials of classes, submit class assignments, and are took your attendance.
    • Log in to here using UTokyo Account.
    • Take a course ECCS Seminar on the lower of the page. After watching videos and pass a test, you get "Right to use ECCS". (The details are shown in here).
    • Whether you have the right to use ECCS is shown in UTokyo Account User Menu. However, it will be applied after about one hour.
    • You can retake ECCS Seminar until you pass the test. After your passing, the seminar will disappear from ITC-LMS.
    • ECCS Seminar can be taken also from ECCS terminals (PCs on the campus; using guest accounts).
    • Before passing the test in ECCS seminar online, you cannot use ECCS terminals explained below. (Some old version information has different explanations that ECCS could mail requires passing ECCS seminar on ITC-LMS. However, the regulation is eliminated on mid-March, 2020).
    • If you can not log in to ITC-LMS, refer to this
    • FAQs of ITC-LMS are on here

ECCS Cloud Mail

  • ECCS Cloud Mail is the e-mail service that all students and staffs can use.
    • It is almost the same as Gmail. Other google’s services including Google drive can be also used with unlimited storage.
    • Log in to UTokyo Account User Menu using UTokyo Account, and initialize your e-mail address and password. (The detailed procedures are shown in this page (only in Japanese).
    • The password’s word sequence has a detailed regulation. If you fail to change your password, please also refer to this.
    • The setting will be applied after one hour at maximum.
    • You can log in to your e-mail box via Gmail login interface. Please use the e-mail address you have set (***** and the password.
    • You can also read and write your ECCS Cloud Mail on your smartphone just like ordinary Gmail.
    • To take classes online, this account is possibly required.
    • The other FAQs about ECCS Cloud Mail are shown in here

Zoom Account

  • This account can be required to take online classes
    • An account licensed by the University will be required to enter some online classes.
    • Please refer to utelecon to issue your licensed account.
    • ECCS Cloud mail will be required to issue your accout.

ECCS Terminals

  • ECCS Terminals is the PCs and printing and copying machines.
    • Although the terminal looks iMac, Windows OS is also available on the same terminal. (Dual-boot)
    • It costs some fees to print or copy. You can use IC cards, such as Suica or PASMO, or printer cards.
    • ECCS is an abbreviation of Educational Campuswide Computing System. This means the computer system provided by the Information Technology Center.
    • On Komaba campus, the system is available on the Information Education Building and Komaba Library.

UTokyo Microsoft License

  • UTokyo Microsoft License is the service providing Office 365 services such as Word,Excel,PowerPoint,Onedrive without additional charge.
    • Log in to UTokyo Account User Menu using UTokyo Account, go to "Office 365 ProPlus Application Request", and do initial settings. (The details are shown in here).
    • Your application will take 3 hours in the daytime, and be passed at the next 11 am in the morning and night.
    • If you are unable to log in your Office365 account, confirm whether you have entered correct email address like as "(10 digits UTokyo Accuont ID)" or not.
    • This account might be required to take classes online.


  • UTAS is used for course registrations and checking your class histories.
    • Log in via here using UTokyo Account.
    • Go to "Student Info" > "Register Address Update, etc". The university will send some important information to the e-mail registered in "E-MAIL 1". So, please register there the e-mail address you usually use.
    • We recommend ECCS Cloud Mail explained before. Moreover, we strongly recommend NOT to register an e-mail ending in
    • The e-mail address registration will be applied a day after registration day.
    • If you cannot log in to UTAS, please also refer to here.

Day 2

UTokyo WiFi

  • UTokyo WiFi is wireless ran service on compus.
    • Go to Official page and click on "Account Menu". Then, log in with UTokyo Account and register via the "New Application" button.
    • You can get UTokyo WiFi user ID and password via e-mail registered to "E-MAIL1" on UTAS. You can get the Internet connection on campus using this.
    • FAQs related to UTokyo WiFi are shown in here


If you want some additional information about PCs or information technological system, please use the following links:

  • ECCS Tutors: We are students who answer some questions related to PCs or information technological service of the university. We also provided plenty of useful information via this site. On Komaba campus, you can ask us any questions related to PCs or information services in the Information Education Building and Komaba Library. We are very welcome to your trivial questions. Please ask us casually!
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