MATLAB全学ライセンス / UTokyo MATLAB Campus-Wide License – ECCS相談員

In this page, we explain about UTokyo MATLAB Campus-Wide License, which started since AY2019.

Please also refer to the following link:

必要なもの / Requirments

What you need for using MATLAB Campus-Wide License are followings (It is not an official announcement.)

アカウントセットアップ / Account Setup

以下のリンクに進みます. / Go to the following link:

「MATLABポータルサイト / MATLAB portal site」をクリックします. / Click on the button “MATLABポータルサイト / MATLAB portal site”.

移動したページの中盤までいき,「サインインして使い始める」をクリックします. / Go to the middle of the page you reach and click on the button “サインインして使い始める”.

その後,UTokyo Accountを要求されるので,入力します. / When you are required to enter UTokyo Account ID&password, please enter and continue.

さらに,出てきたページで「Create」を押します.(すでに,Matlabアカウントをお持ちの場合はサインインしていただいても結構ですが,その場合,アカウントメニューで,メールアドレスをで終わるものに変更する必要があります.) / After that, click on “Create” on the page like the following image. (If you already have Matlab account, you can sign in via this page. However, after you do so, you will have to change your email address of Matlab account on your Matlab account menu.)

次の,アカウント作成画面が出るので,必要事項を入力してください.なお,ここで,メールアドレスは,で終わるアドレスを登録する必要があります.学生の場合,ECCS Cloud Emailので終わるアドレスを使います.
Then, you enter your information required. (Email address, Family name, First name, User id (optional), password, password confirmation, where you are, your department, your role in your department, School or univirsity) If you are a student, you should use ECCS Cloud Email, which has

アカウント作成後,メール認証を要求されます.After creating your account, you’ll ask E-mail confirmation.

Check your E-mail account and find the Email like the following picture. Then, click on “メールの確認” or copy the link address under “メールの確認” and access to the page with the link address.

This is the end of making your Matlab account.

Matlabのインストール / Installation of Matlab

Using the account you made above, you can come to the page like the following. After choosing a version you want to install, download it.

Then, start the installation. During installation, you will be required to enter your email address and password of your Matlab account you made above. Also, you will be required to choose which packages you want to install. But, if you don’t know packages you need, you should go on to the next without any changes from the original setting the installation says.