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What are ECCS tutors?

ECCS tutors are student staff members who are assigned to receive inquiries from ECCS users at three locations on campus (Hongo Campus: General Library / Komaba Campus: Information Education Building, Komaba Library), where ECCS terminals are located. They not only answer inquiries, but also act as a liaison between ECCS users and administrators to convey information from the users.

How to ask for help from ECCS tutors

If you have any questions about ECCS or other information systems of the UTokyo, please feel free to ask ECCS tutors for help. For example, it is very common to receive inquiries about how to print, how to log in to something (terminal, UTAS, email, etc.), or how to connect to Wi-Fi. We will guide you to the appropriate office even if it is outside our scope of service jurisdiction, so please ask for advice even if you are not sure where to inquire.

ECCS tutors are ready to provide face-to-face advice at the following locations. For details, please see the page "Work Locations and Hours".

  • (Hongo) Study Room, 1st floor of the Information Technology Center
  • (Hongo) ECCS Room, 2nd floor of the General Library
  • (Hongo) Practice Room, B1F of the Fukutake Hall
  • (Komaba) Study Room (Room E11), 1st floor of the Information Education Bldg.
  • (Komaba) Media Park, 1st floor of the Komaba Library

Please note that ECCS tutors work in shifts, so there may be times when no ECCS tutors are available. Please understand this in advance.

ECCS tutors are not stationed at the distributed terminals other than those mentioned above, but ECCS patrol inspectors check the status of the terminals on a regular basis. ECCS tutors are also available for inquiries if you have any problems.

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