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This site is edited by ECCS (Educational Campus-wide Computing System) consultants and aimed to give users information about ECCS. Please go to pages using the upper menu bar. English information on this site is limited. So, if you want, please also refer to the Japanese version.


Information for newcomers

For New Students: Explain procedures from the beginning step by step (AY 2020 Special Edition): On this page, we give some useful information particularly for students of class of 2024 to use many information technology services of the university online. Information on this page is listed in the order which you should do.

About Wi-Fi service on campus, "UTokyo WiFi"

Pages you should refer to
(1) Official page
(2) Support page in this site

To make your new UTokyo WiFi account, please go to UTokyo WiFi Account Menu. There are some other Wi-Fi services. Please refer to this page and use the most appropriate service.

Other Notices

  • If you want to use the UTokyo Microsoft License, officially provided by the university, please refer to the Official Website and Our FAQ page.
  • After you change your password via UTokyo Account User Menu, Keychain on Mac will not work properly. Please follow the procedure described in this page to fix this problem.
  • Your password will be expired for 1 year.
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