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Newcomers, welcome to the University of Tokyo!

In this page, We will explain the setup procedures on the information services of the university. (For readers who have "Setup Procedure on the UTokyo Student Information Services": We will explain in the order along this guide. You can refer both the guide and this page as your necessary.)

You can ask the ECCS tutors when you are not sure or in trouble. The ECCS tutors are at Information Education Building, Komaba Library (in Komaba), Genral Library, Fukutake Hall, and Information Technology Center (in Hongo). Don’t hesitate to ask!

Table of Contents / Summary of procedure

UTokyo Account

This is a common account of the university, and is used in various information services. You have to change initial temporary password. Until changing password, the account is not enable, and information services for classes and academic affairs are also unavailable. Please perform the procedures of password change at first.

To change the password, login to UTokyo Account User Menu with initial password and follow the instructions (click "日本語" to change language). You can use your own devices such as smartphone. ECCS PCs in campus are also available to change password; use guest account username and password shown in login screen.


ECCS stands for Educational Campuswide Computing System. You can use ECCS PCs as you want. Before you start using, You have to take "Online New User Information Seminar".

The online seminar is held at ITC-LMS. Login with UTokyo Account, and select "ECCS seminar" (To change language, select "settings" menu at upper right). You can use your own devices such as smartphone. ECCS PC is also available; use guest account. Details are shown in How to take the "ECCS Online New User Information Seminar."

You will be able to use the ECCS about one hour after you have passed the online seminar. To login with your own account, enter username and password for UTokyo Account to login screen.

ECCS Cloud Email

This service provides a university email address ( You can use it in the same way as normal Gmail, as it is provided by Google (G Suite for Education). Google Drive and other Google services are also available.

Initial settings is need to use it. Initializing form is at "ECCS Cloud Email" menu on the UTokyo Account User Menu (click "日本語" to change language). Since setting will be applied every hour, please wait a bit until you can login. When logging in, use your e-mail address and password you choose at the initial setting (not the UTokyo Account one).

For the details, refer to How to use ECCS Cloud Email- Initial setting etc. –.

Currently, the rest of this page is under translating.

UTokyo WiFi

Please refer here.

Microsoft Office (UTokyo Microsoft License)

If you can use Microsoft Office on your PCs, you do not need to set up now. If you want, please refer to this page.


You can use MATLAB for free. But, you should set it up when you need it. If you want, please refer to this page.

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