Work Locations and Hours

ECCS tutors work at the following locations and hours. Please note that the tutors may not be available during some hours.
For inquiries about UTokyo Wi-Fi and other ICT services ( i.e. Zoom, Microsoft Office, etc.) other than the ECCS, please contact the Support Desk of the utelecon. The information below is based on the information available in September 14, 2023.
Please understand that there may be sudden changes in the operation.
Please also check the ECCS announcement "ECCS端末配置場所の開室・閉室状況" (only in Japanese) for the status of open/closed of the terminal locations.

Komaba area

Study Room (Room E11), 1st floor of Information Education Bldg.

  • Building Location, Floor Map
  • ECCS tutors are available from 10:25 to 20:30 (weekdays only).
    • ECCS tutors are also on break between classes.

Media Park, Komaba Library 1st floor

Hongo area

From April 2024, there are no tutors in Study Room, 1st floor of the Main Building, Information Technology Center and Practice Room, Fukutake Hall B1F .

ECCS Room, 2nd floor of the General Library

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