ECCS Cloud Email


How to use ECCS Cloud Email?


There are some steps to use ECCS Cloud Email. You can not use it as soon as you set it up.

If you need, please refer はいぱーワークブック (currently supports only Japanese) to get more information about Gmail, which is almost the same system as ECCS Cloud Email.

In this page, we explain about some biggest points to use it.

What you have to care about

  • You have to set up your password of ECCS Cloud Email previously.

You have to set up your password on UTokyo Account User Menu by yourself. Your new password is restricted by some rules like the following. In particular, you DO NOT use the same password as UTokyo Account.

  • Only use 26 CAPITAL ALPHABETS, 26 non-capital alphabets, 10 numbers, 29 symbols (!#$%&'()=~|`{+*}<>?_-^@[;:],/)
  • 8 characters minimum, 16 characters maximum
  • Including, at least, one CAPITAL or non-capital alphabet, one number, and one symbol.
  • Not including the same number sequence as UTokyoAccount’s 10-digit ID.
  • Not including the same sequence as UTokyoAccount’s password.

The restriction of characteristic usage is the same as UTokyoAccount’s restriction.

Your new address or password of ECCS Cloud Email will be applied every hour. This is why you do not use the Email as soon as you want. Please be careful.

In some case such as eduroam, your university address, which is including "*", is required. If you do not login to ECCS Cloud Email, you might not use such services immediately.

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