Most Frequently Asked Questions


From FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions), we picked up some questions asked the most frequently. We don’t only listed links but also describe the quick solutions.

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  • How to print (HWB: Hyper Work Book; only in Japanese)
    • The most frequently asked question among all.
    • Answer: On ECCS terminals, you can use an ordinary printing menu. After sending printing data from terminals, you can print using printers. Then, when you print anything, you have to pay your charge on the printing control machine very near the printing machines. As ways for payment, you can use copy card or prepaid transportation cards, e.g., Suica or Pasmo.
  • Print Error
    • Most of all cases are when the paper size is not appropriate. In Japan, Letter size paper is not usually, and instead of it, "A4" size is used. To cancel your printing, touch the panel on the printer and cancel your printing. Note that what you have to handle is not printing control PC near the printer, but the printer itself.
  • Too much time until printing is starting
    • In Adobe Acrobat Reader printing menu, printing as an image possibly solve this problem.
  • You cannot copy your paper (The link target is currently only in Japanese)
    • All printers in Komaba and General library in Hongo are disabled to copy.
  • Print on B4/B5 papers or postcard (The link target is currently only in Japanese)
    • Some of the printers in all are allowed to print B-type paper.
  • USB printing error (The link target is currently only in Japanese)
    • There are many elements to fail USB printing. You should try printing via terminals.
  • Incorrectly sorting a copy card into a Suica/PASMO card reader (The link target is currently only in Japanese)
    • Tell CO-OP, staffs, or tutors.

Other Questions

  • Keychain Window appears weirdly
    • Particular in ECCS terminal, Password change cause this problem.
    • Input the previous password and open keychain access. (procedure example (in Japanese))
  • Connect to Wi-Fi
    • All students/faculties can use UTokyo WiFi.
    • Please also refer to You have to reissue at the beginning of each semester.
    • UTokyo Account is required.
    • E-mail address registration is required beforehand. Students can change/set your e-mail address on UTAS. Since the day after e-mail registration, you can make a new account. If you set icloud or Gmail address on UTAS, you will not be able to receive your UTokyo WiFi ID and password. You should set your ECCS cloud mail address on UTAS.
    • UTokyo WiFi account can be issued via a guest account on ECCS Mac environment w/o ECCS usage permission.
  • Login error on terminals (ECCS FAQ)
  • Mac terminal is frozen (Apple Support)
    • Command + Option + Esc to show force quite menu (Mac environment).
  • Administrative privilege requirement window appears (The link target is currently only in Japanese)
    • You cannot do anything needed administrative privileges on ECCS terminals.
  • An ECCS terminal doesn’t wake up  (The link target is currently only in Japanese)
    • Check cables behind. Once unplug and plug again. W/o LAN cable connection, Error mark appears on a terminal.
  • Sound exteriorly / Earphone is not working. (The link targets are currently only in Japanese)
    • Earphone wire cable is possibly unplugged. Check it. Still not working, earphone should be connected to the device directly.
  • Shortage of storage (The link target is currently only in Japanese)
    • Over Quota problem. You can use only 8GB on ECCS. Using secure WWW server, check your amount of storage space. When it is over, delete some files.
    • When you cannot control or access your storage/terminal because of over quota, please use WebDAV.
  • You can not scan w/ printers. (The link target is currently only in Japanese)
    • When you want to scan on printers, you have to plug your USB into a socket on the left side of the printers’ control panel.
  • Scanning library materials (The link target is currently only in Japanese)
    • Scanning library materials on ECCS printers is strictly prohibited. You can copy these materials on the printer provided by libraries.
  • How to use scanners (HWB in Japanese)
    • Printer: refer to Hyper work book
    • I/O device set near ECCS terminals:refer to notices on the upper cover of the device. When the device is not working correctly, try unplugging and plugging again.
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