How to use Python on ECCS terminals?


How to use Python on ECCS terminals?


Mac environments on ECCS terminals:

  • Python is available on Mac environments. Once you type $ python or $ python3 on a terminal window, you can use Python. However in system python, libraries you can use are very limited.
  • Pyenv was installed via homebrew on the Mac environments. $ pyenv versions shows the available python versions including anaconda3, and you can choose them. (If you want to install other versions, please go to ECCS FAQ (in Japanese)) You can use anaconda version of python and it plenty of libraries if you type $ pyenv local anaconda3-x.x in your home directory. In addition, please note that you cannot run $ pyenv global.

Windows environments on ECCS terminals: (now confirming)

  • Python is available also in windows environments. Please type python to run anaconda python 2.7 on a prompt or PowerShell. Currently, if you want to use python3, you have to type the full path like C:\Anaconda3\python.
  • You can use python also on Cygwin. The python system is the same anaconda versions above instead of Cygwin version python. If you do not want to use a Mac, please use it.
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