Too much time to start printing


  • After carrying on printing jobs on the printer control PC, the printing doesn’t start.
  • In the first place, there is no printing job sent by an iMac terminal on the printing control PC.


Sometimes printing jobs need much time to start. In most cases, printing will start in about 10 minutes after the job ordered (unless printing order is cancelled).

  • If you are printing PDF file, checking "Print As Image" option may make the time needed less. "Print As Image" option is exist in "Advanced" menu of printing menu of Adobe Reader.
    • To open pdf with Adobe Reader, right-click on the file you want to open and use “Open with” menu.
  • If you are printing MS Word file, try "File > Reduce File Size" before printing.
  • Try other application(s) to print if available.

Supplementary Note

This problem frequently happens when you are printing the followings:

  • PDF files including scan data.
  • PDF files including a lot of colorful pages.
  • Word files including big file size of images.

The reason might be that data sent to printers are too big or that it takes much time for printers to deal with printing jobs. (Details are unknown.) In these cases, the processing capacity of printers is not enough to process and it takes too much time for printers to start printing. The solutions above are the way to avoid this.

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