A CD/DVD is unremovable from an optical drive.


I put a CD/DVD disc in the optical drive, but I can’t get it out.


Normal way to eject


You cannot eject it by pushing the button on the drive.

There are two ways to eject.

  1. Via Finder in Mac: In the sidebar of Finder, you can see the name of the disk and the icon of the inserted disk. There is an eject button on the right side of the name, and clicking it will open the optical drive tray.
  2. Via Menu bar in Mac: Click the eject button on the right side of the menu bar (top of the screen), then select "(Disk Name)" from the menu to open the optical drive tray.

The details are shown in 9.2 CD や DVD の読み込み (only in Japanese) on Hyper-work book.


Press the button on the drive to eject the disk. If the button doesn’t work, make sure that the disk is not being written or used, and try restarting Windows.

I can’t operate the drive ejection because it doesn’t come up on the screen.

Unplug the cable connected to the drive once and try to reconnect it. You will hear a sound of disk movements from the drive, so press the button on the drive immediately.

Still can’t eject

On the right of the button on the drive, there is a small hole (called eject hole). You can force the tray open by inserting a long fine sting difficult to break, such as a wire, into this hole. (To tutors: a safety pin of the armband is useful.)

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