Unable to add students/TAs/faculty to ITC-LMS

This page is for ITC-LMS. The information on this page may be outdated. Please be careful.




  • When searching for a student ID number (such as "xx-xxxxxx" or "Jx-xxxxxx"), be sure to include a hyphen after the first two digits.
  • The most reliable way to add faculty or staff is to search for UTokyo Account (the 10-digit Common ID at the bottom right of the staff ID card), or to add a student, search for student ID number (not 10-digit Common ID).
  • When searching by name, the behavior is different depending on the display language of ITC-LMS.

In Japanese

  • When searching by first name, you need to put a Half-width space between the first and last name. No spaces or full-width spaces (, which is often seen in Japanese documents) will not be searched correctly.

In English

  • The search results will be different depending on whether you put your first or last name first in the name field.
    • There are cases where a search in the order of "first name + last name" does not produce a hit, but a search in the order of "last name + first name" produces a hit, and vice versa.
    • When searching by name, please be careful not to mistake it for same name and another person.
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