Unable to log in to ECCS terminals


  • I cannot log in to both Mac and Windows environments of the ECCS terminals.


There are three causes.

  1. The user ID or the password you typed is not correct.
    • User ID is 10-digit numbers.(On the right-down edge of your student ID, there are 18-digit numbers, but user ID is only low 10-digit numbers.)
    • Check Caps Lock and Num Lock.
    • Keyboard assignments can be different from what you expect. Using user ID fields, check your password typed.
  2. Your password expires.
    • The password expires after one year.
    • How to check: Password expiration date is shown on the Password Change page of UTokyo Account user menu. You can use a guest account on ECCS terminals to check it.
    • How to solve: To register the new password on the same page.
    • =>UTokyo Account(www.u-tokyo.ac.jp)
    • =>Password expiration date(ECCS FAQ)
  3. You don’t have a right to use the ECCS.
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